Process Development & Engineering
AFC’s Process Development & Engineering Group provides the
expertise necessary to take a chemical process from the laboratory
to commercial-scale production. We design and develop novel synthetic
routes to efficiently produce our customer’s target molecules by emphasizing process safety, efficiency, economics, scale-up feasibility, reliability and throughput optimization.

Additionally, the Process Development & Engineering Group supports customers in process optimization, technology transfer, process validation and process intensification.

AFC’s R&D group is fully equipped to support the laboratory evaluation and initial scale-up of multi-step chemical processes, including AFC’s specialized technologies:

  • Eleven fully-equipped research and development laboratories:
    • One dedicated high-containment laboratory
    • Two SMB/chromatographic separations laboratories
    • One kilo lab laboratory with six bench-top hoods, two walk-in hoods and four remote bays for the initial evaluation and scale-up of hazardous chemistry
  • Hazards evaluation equipment including RC-1, DSC
    TGA, Rotary Friction and Impact Sensitivity
  • Analytical capability, separately maintained and operated from Quality Control, including HPLC, LC-MS, GC, IC, light polarizing microscopy, polarimetry, NMR, KF (300 MHz, multi nuclei) and automated titration
  • Route selection and process development capability from gram to kilogram scale, including jacketed reactors ranging from 25 mL to 50 L scale
  • AFC’s process development and engineering group is comprised of chemists and chemical engineers with extensive experience in the development and engineering of a wide range of chemistries. Specific experience includes expertise in hazardous chemistry, handling highly toxic materials, SMB and other chromatographic separations, continuous process development and multi-step organic synthesis.

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